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11 Crucial Things That Can Save the Planet From Death

We’ve all heard that our environment is suffering now and statistical data only confirms this. It may seem like one person can’t do much to save the entire planet. But the truth is that if every individual changes their attitude, amazing things will start to happen! The most important thing to know is that it’s not sσ hard to do. For example, you need to be more careful when you go to the supermarket and buy tea next time.

1. Switch plastic bags to eco-friendly tote bags

Many people have a lot of plastic bags in their homes. But we still acquire new ones every time we go to the supermarket because we usually never plan to go there.

This can be changed by a light tote bag that is small enough to fit into almost any handbag. Tote bags are stronger, bigger, more convenient, and are eco-friendly. Such bags can be used for a much longer time than a regular plastic bag, and it’s also less harmful than a plastic bag.

2. Use rechargeable batteries

Batteries in themselves are not much of a danger, but the problem is what you do with them after you stop using them. There is no way to dispose of them without harming the environment.

Yes, rechargeable batteries are not much different from regular ones but their life span is much longer and that allows us to minimize the overall harm to the environment.

3. Replace detergents with eco-friendly ingredients

Using modern detergents makes the lives of housewives much easier, but such detergents lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and clean dishes with a strange aftertaste.

It’s easy to replace many detergents with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. For example, one glass of vinegar, one glass of water, and 1/4 glass of lemon juice make a great mixture to wash windows and mirrors.

4. Choose reusable plastic bottles

When they were created, plastic bottles were a hit because they allowed people to drink water at any time in any place. At the time, there were no special filters — only a faucet and dirty water.

Now, the world is different. There are water filters and a lot of other options that allow us to minimize the number of plastic bottles we use. We should choose such options because they’re much less harmful.

5. Use aerators on your faucets

Studies show that about 1.3 gal of water is used when brushing your teeth, and one person uses 66 gal of water per day! Just imagine how much water an entire family uses per day.

This goes for everything: washing the dishes, washing your hands, washing your car, or cleaning the house. Of course, we shouldn’t stop washing our hands. But what you need to do is use aerators on your faucets. They mix the water with air and the amount of water you use will drop by 50%.

6. Reuse your clothes


We all have clothes that we no longer wear and most people get rid of them by throwing them away. But in order to avoid buying a lot of other useless things, try to reimagine the way you use something. For example, maybe an old cast-iron pot may work as a pot for your favorite house plant? And an old scratched glass can be used as a candle holder. This is a great way to learn to create something with your own hands.

7. Adopt animals

When demand doesn’t meet the supply, a great number of animals end up in the streets. As their number increases, cities become dirty and after this happens, people have to get rid of animals in a very cruel way. And there are very few animal shelters that are able to keep all the animals because there are just too many of them.

But taking a pet from an animal shelter will bring you the same amount of happiness as buying a pet. They are clean and healthy. Of course, they don’t have a long bloodline but they have something else —love and gratitude toward the person who adopted them.

8. Use motion sensors

Many people have seen motion sensors only in hospitals, restaurants, and other places, but not at homes.

However, they should be installed in every house, especially in places like staircases, basements, attics, and corridors. Places where people are too lazy to turn the light on and off all the time. They don’t cost much but they decrease energy waste by 50%-70%.

9. Sort trash correctly

Despite the fact that this is pretty simple, very few people can do it correctly. But we should try. If we recycle trash correctly, we can reuse the waste.

Start with the plastic — wash an empty bottle and put it aside. When you have a lot of them, carry them to a special recycling facility. Then, start collecting metal things and paper. Also, don’t forget to collect light bulbs and batteries separately.

10. Donate or recycle your clothes

Do you have a lot of clothes that you plan to wear when “you lose weight,” or on your next hiking adventure or your next vacation? What happens to them later? How much more time do they spend in your wardrobe?

If you have several sacks of useless clothes and you can’t use it for anything else, just donate it to people who really need it: take it to a church, a shelter, or a charity organization. Even if you simply recycle it, it’s better than letting it just pile up in your wardrobe.

11. Buy regular tea instead of teabags

There are sσ many different types of teas these days — strawberry, mint, lemon, blueberry, and sσ many others!

However, despite the small size, teabags are really harmful to the environment. They never fully decompose and they stay in the ground forever. Regular leaf tea can help you solve the problem — it’s more eco-friendly and it’s tastier too!

Bonus: Whales die from eating trash.

Whales are regularly found washed ashore dead. The reason why it happens is that they consume the plastic that we, humans, throw into the oceans. According to National Geographic, about 18 billion lb of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year.Of course, it’s not just whales that die because of plastic. The entire eco-system of the ocean, and of course, the planet is at risk. It’s just that whales are too huge to overlook.

Of course, it’s not just whales that die because of plastic. The entire eco-system of the ocean, and of course, the planet is at risk. It’s just that whales are too huge to overlook.

The amount of plastic waste in the ocean can be significantly reduced if we avoid single-use plastic bags and think about what we are doing to the planet.