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11 Unbelievable X-Rays of Pregnant Animals

Pregnancy is this crazy, beautiful, terrible experience and animals have it very differently from us humans. Dogs are only pregnant for 58 to 68 days but seeing the puppies before they’re born is super cool. You’ll be wondering how animals even function pregnant. I thought it was difficult carrying one or two humans, these animals are warriors!

Below are some amazing photos, displaying X-rays of all kinds of animals. Enjoy!

1. Pregnant Dog

Sσ many puppies!

2. Pregnant Monkey

Monkeys are pregnant for 226 to 232 days and typically have a baby every 3 to 4 years.2. Pregnant Monkey

via: Buzzfeed

3. Turtle

Sea turtles are baby making machines.3. Turtle

via: Buzzfeed

4. Raccoon

This pregnant raccoon has quite a few babies in there.4. Raccoon

via: Buzzfeed

5. Pregnant Cat

Nothing gets me more excited than kittens.5. Pregnant Cat

via: Buzzfeed


6. Shark ultrasound

Now this is super cool! It barely looks real.6. Shark ultrasound

via: Buzzfeed


7. Baby snakes!

Little wiggly babies.7. Baby snakes!

via: Buzzfeed

8. Pregnant Guinea Pig

I’ve never seen something sσ cool.8. Pregnant Guinea Pig

via: Buzzfeed


9. Pregnant Horse

Can you imagine how big the machine was to capture this? Foals are born weighing approximately 10% of their mother’s weight which could land a baby horse anywhere from 100 pounds to 200 pounds or more!9. Pregnant Horse

via: Buzzfeed


10. Pregnant Bat

I bet you haven’t seen this before!10. Pregnant Bat

via: Buzzfeed


11. Seahorse

It’s not an x-ray but no pregnancy list is complete without pregnant seahorses, especially since it’s the dads who give birth in this species!11. Seahorse