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14 brilliant statements made by kids

In general, children are more creative and ingenious than adults are. They also see ordinary things from a different point of view. That’s why when listening to kids we can’t but wonder how they manage to come up with their breathtaking, though simple, ideas.

Right! Don’t be a sissy!

If I were a teacher, I would give an ‘A’ right after this answer.

This kid is more rational than many adults!

I hope the kid didn’t mean that. Maybe he or she would just make their enemy gather food or hunt…

Hmm, I’ve always thought the Arctic region was inhabited with a few more animals than that…

What a nice kid! You are right: hitting dogs is not a good thing to do.

In fact, it is hard to spell ‘hippopotamus’ correctly. That’s a victory!

Scientists would hardly agree with that statement, but it sounds very romantic.

Look at that walrus. You can’t be angry with it, can you?

This brought tears to my eyes…

Well, why not? Making tasty soups is better than having no job at all, right?

This kid knows the price of pleasure.

I have always suspected it was easier than we were told!

This young gentleman will surely enjoy a long and happy family life.