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15 Facts About Our World That Amaze and Scare Us at the Same Time

Have you ever known that, for example, that there is a frog out there that can kill up to 10 humans with its venom? Or that you are more likely to die because of an innocent bee stinging you than you are from a shark attack? There are many more facts like this about our world that scare the hell out of us.

We at Bright Side collected 15 intriguing and slightly terrifying facts for you about our planet.

1. There is a fish that can look through its own head.

A pacific barreleye can rotate its eyes to look upward and through its transparent head.

2. A group of lemurs is called a conspiracy.

And they do actually conspire against their predators.

3. Male kangaroos attract females by flexing their muscular arms.

Just like humans, they believe it makes them more attractive and easier to mate with.

4. Crows and owls attack each other at first sight.

They are sworn enemies and will attack each other even if they haven’t seen the other species before.

5. If you smell bananas when getting close to Africanized bees, run.

The pheromone these bees release when they are ready to attack something smells like bananas.

6. A female tarantula is extremely enduring.

It can survive on plain water for 2 years and can live for around 40 years.

7. Owls are basically the ghosts of the bird family.

They have the most unique feathers that break the turbulence down into smaller mini-currents, which helps them fly silently to the point of almost not producing sound.

8. There are moths that don’t have mouths.

Adult Luna moths grow up without a mouth. Their only purpose is to breed within their 7-day lifespan and then they die of starvation.

9. Opossums have more nipples than you could ever imagine.

No joke, they have 13 nipples, 12 of which are arranged in a circle with the last one in the middle.

Tigers will take revenge on those who have crossed their path or wronged them in any way. They’re known to be one of the most vengeful species in the world.

11. There is such a thing as a panda ant.

This insect, common in Chile, has a panda-like outfit on. But no matter how cute you think it looks, don’t believe it — first, these are not actually ants, they are wasps, and second — they are known for being cow-killers.

12. There are enough toxins in one pufferfish to kill 30 adult humans.

Of course, only for a short distance, since horses need enough time for a good running start. And both of these animals are faster than any human!

14. Raccoons have no trouble opening locks.

In a study completed at the beginning of the 20th century, raccoons were able to open 11 to 13 locks in fewer than 10 tries.

15. Great white sharks have up to 7 rows of teeth.

They are as scary as they seem because these sharks can have more than 300 teeth.

If you have any other interesting facts about our world, please share them in the comments below.