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15 Google Earth Finds That’ll Make You Look at Our Planet Differently

We don’t realize how much of our planet we’re missing by being stuck to the ground. Luckily, Google Earth lets us get a birds-eye view of even the most unreachable corners of the world. Sσ if you’ve never seen a meteorite crash site or the world’s largest pool from above, prepare to be enlightened.

1. A deserted cruise ship found near Antarctica

2. Hippos going for a dip in Africa

3. Called the Badlands Guardian, this is natural land feature that resembles a human head

4. “Love island” in Croatia

5. Graveyard full of decommissioned aircrafts in Arizona

6. Barringer Crater

This is a huge meteorite crash site that occurred 50,000 years ago. It’s 0.737 miles long and 560 feet deep.

7. Mesmerizing pond in Texas

These ponds are the product of the largest potassium chloride manufacturing in the United States.

8. Osmington White Horse, the U.K.

The figure was cut into the local limestone in 1808 in honor of King George III.

9. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

The largest swimming pool on Earth. It’s 3,323 ft. long and contains 66 million gallons of water.

10. Unexplained pattern in Egypt

11. Ship wreck with trees growing out of it in Australia

12. Heart-shaped lake in Ohio, USA

13. A herd of buffalo in Africa

14. A mysterious target in Nevada, USA

15. Vibrant red lake in Iraq