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15 Images That Show Teachers Also Have a Sense of Humor

Those innocent years were made memorable thanks to our teachers. To the ones who found the perfect way to explain a difficult concept and who had no problem making fun of themselves – this post is dedicated to you!

Best teacher ever.

The hardest question ever devised for those who skip class.

How a music teacher cheers up his class.

How to make sure your students pay attention.

The School of Life in action.

The 1970s: a teacher tries to explain physics using the example of surfing.

When a teacher got sick of his students borrowing his pencils and never giving them back, he did this.

A teacher who’s not afraid to experiment with his style.

What happens when your chemistry teacher is a big fan of Lady Gaga.

They give him energy.

A unique award from a math teacher.

How to connect with students during a chemistry lecture.

The scientific method explained using memes. Genius!

This guy doesn’t miss a thing.

How to pass a test when you don’t know anything.

Appreciate your teachers!