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15 Nature Glitches That Left Us Feeling Dumbstruck

If you’ve never seen an albino raccoon, didn’t know there were green meteors, and have a hard time believing there are giant pink and orange moths, then we’re glad you’re stopping by. We have these and many other awesome things to show you, sσ buckle up for a wild ride.

1. Lightning in the form of a tree

2. “This Vietnamese mossy frog’s camo game is strong.”

3. “This spider web looks like Spider-Man.”

4. A blue coconut crab

5. “An albino raccoon in Pennsylvania”

6. A green meteor spotted over Australia

7. Pastel seashell

8. “A bizarre yet beautiful heirloom carrot called Turkish Black”

9. Rainbow sea in Croatia

10. “This birch tree in my neighborhood looks like an annoyed cyclops.”

11. Flowers with petals that look like tiny human silhouettes

12. “The way the ice froze on my car this morning”

13. Light reflection in these tiny ice crystals creates otherwordly light pillars.

14. “My cactus bloomed in a smiley face pattern.”

15. “A beautiful elephant hawk moth I found in my garden”