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15 ɴoɴ-Obvious Facts About Australia for Those Who Think They Know Everything About This Country

Australia is a country where there are two times more sheep than people and 1.5 times more kangaroos than sheep.

There are sσ many beaches that if you visit a new one every day then in 15 years you will have visited only half of them. Are you intrigued? We are shocked already, but the most interesting facts about Austrailia are in this article.

Unfortunately, nobody from Bright Side has been to Australia, sσ while we were making this article, we started feeling really sorry for it. It is a fascinating country where instead of pigeons, there are parrots that are just as relaxed as the ones in Jamaica, but their lifespan is higher than those in Europe.

Here is a list of facts that you might not know about the country but are useful if you ever plan to travel there. And if you don’t plan on visiting anytime soon, at least you’ll be able to show off your knowledge!

15. Almost everything in Australia wants to kill you.

This is Australia summed up in one photo. But even wild dogs, poisonous snakes, and sharks cant compare to the number one enemy, the sun. Locals to Austrailia are very scared of the sun. The UV-index here is 10 times higher than in Europe which means that after a 30-minute walk under the sun, you can get a sunburn or even worse, skin cancer.

And here are some more “nice” things you can see in Australia:

A washed up, giant jellyfish that is dying

A python eating a bat

These giant horseshoe crabs surrounding a boy

14. There is more snow in the Australian mountains than in Switzerland.

In Sidney, snow was last seen way back in 1836, but there are some places where there is snow every year. The Australian Alps go through New South Wales and Victoria. The skiing season here lasts from June to October where there is almost always enough snow.

13. The birthplace of UGG boots

Americans were the first to patent the UGG brand, but the country of origin of these boots is actually Australia. Farmers and peasants have been wearing them since the beginning of the 20th century. And now such boots are worn both outside and inside. Why inside? Because houses are very cold, sσ when it’s cold outside, boots can help you keep warm.

12. Some roads in Australia are sσ long and boring that signs are there to entertain drivers.

11. Every fourth citizen of Australia is an immigrant.

According to statistics, 28.5% of Australians were born abroad. Mostly people from Great Britain, New Zealand and many immigrants from China and India come here.

10. The level of social support here is very high.

If you have a big family of four or even five children, then you can get an allowance to actually stop working. The organization that pays the allowance does it for children who are younger than 16 and sometimes even 19 years old.

9. There are places for barbecues in almost every park.

In almost every park, there are free electric or gas grill stoves for cooking steaks, sausages, and other delicious foods. Australians love picnics and they love seafood even more. They love frying shrimp, oysters, and lobsters.

8. Australia is the country of giant sculptures.

There are 150 giant sculptures across the country. They are so-called tourist traps. Giant statues of animals, food, and other different objects which are placed along roads attract the attention of tourists who want to travel to these places to at least get a selfie with this cultural phenomenon.

7. They have plastic money instead of paper.

Since 1988, the Australian bills have not been made of paper but of the special plastic, polymer. Even though plastic money is more difficult to produce, they stay in good condition for a longer time. Interesting fact: If you tear a ten-dollar bill into two parts, you can use both halves as two five-dollar bills.

6. Local people don’t leave tips.

In cafés and restaurants in big cities, tourists can leave a tip anywhere from 5% to 15% of the order, but even if you don’t do this, it is totally okay in Australia.

5. Almost nobody eats kangaroo meat.

It’s very easy to find kangaroo meat in supermarkets and restaurants, but Australians themselves often ignore this kind of meat. More than 70% of kangaroo meat is exported to 55 countries around the world.

4. Six out of ten of the most poisonous snakes in the world live in Australia.

Coastal Taipan is considered to be one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. In the Taipan’s 13-millimeter teeth, there are 120 milligrams of poison that can kill a victim within 4-12 hours (a human can live for around a day after getting bitten).

3. You can see a herd of wild camels in Austrailia.

Neither in Egypt or in the UAE are there as many wild camels as there are in Australia. According to different estimations, in central and northern parts of the country, there are around 1 million wild camels.

2. The longest wall in the world is not The Great Wall of China but rather, The Dingo Fence.

The Dingo Fence is 3,488 miles long and splits the Australian continent into two parts in order to protect sheep from wild dogs.

1. Australians are too lazy to pronounce entire words.

Australians make nicknames for everything! “Aussie” which is short for Australian, is what they call themselves. And here are some more interesting words:

G’Day — Good Day
Brissie — Brisbane, the capital of Queensland
Barbie — Barbecue
Footie — Football
What unusual facts about this country do you know? Tell us in the comments!