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15+ Photos That Will Make You Feel Like a Tiny Ant

Be prepared: we are about to travel to a world where everything is massive and we are just a tiny viewer of this spectacle. From huge man-made objects to breathtaking plants and animals, what you’re about to see is not fiction and can be closer to you than you think.

One example of this is that, while the average human size is around 1.70 m, a whale shark found in every tropical sea can measure an impressive 18.8 m.

Sσ buckle up and let Bright Side guide you to the wonders of the giants.

1. If this is the size of the bird’s feathers, you can only imagine its real size.

2. Bears are tiny little fluffs on TV, but huge in real life.

3. These giant groundsels can only be found on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

4. “Never realized how big these blades for windmills really are.”

5. We’re pretty sure this truck could destroy anything in its way.

6. We should never be able to know what kind of fertilizer this woman put on this sunflower, otherwise, we’re doomed.

7. Now we know how our cat feels when sleeping on the couch

8. We don’t know what’s more impressive: the size of the tree or the rocks surrounding it.

9. “World’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow, of Alton, Illinois was 8’ 11’’ and weighed 490 pounds.”

10. The goal of this cactus was to reach the sky and it almost nailed it.

11. We sure don’t want to swim near a giant Whale Shark…

12. …or by a Blue Whale.

13. “The anchor from the Knock Nevis ULCC, the largest ship ever built”

14. Yep, that tiny little white dot in this picture is a person.

15. If you’ve never seen a leaf bigger than a human being, this is it.

While scrolling down, what impressed you the most? Did you have any idea things could be that big?