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15+ Times People Saw Something That Turned Their Day Upside Down

Whenever we feel blue, the universe seems to take notice and sends us something that can ignite a spark of happiness or curiosity inside of us. All around the world, people chose to proudly share their most surprising discoveries.

Before publishing this article, if you had asked us to imagine a buff squirrel, we didn’t know where to begin.

Happiness is something we want to share with everyone and here’s a collection that we hope will magically make you smile.

1. “Saw this aggressive-looking squirrel on our balcony.”

2. “I saw this in Vancouver. It made my day.”

3. “A friend of mine found a foxhole on campus!”

4. “I lost my grandpa before I was born and my dad received this plant at the funeral.”

“We’ve had it ever since, and today for the first time, it bloomed. 25 years later almost to the day.”
5. ’’Stumbled upon this little guy this afternoon.”

6. “Our pet-sitter, who is also a photographer, took our engagement photo. We came across this in the album.”

7. “My friend is a hotel maid and found this today. It made her back-breaking day.”

The note reads:
“Been on the road for 20 years. Never occurred to me to use a towel as a soap disk. Thank you!!!”
Signed: Road Warrior
8. “Found this little guy on my walk through the park.”

9. “My friend’s GF was feeling down, sσ he surprised her with this when she got home.”

10. “Saw this happening while walking through the park yesterday. Made my day.”

11. “This grumpy grump had been sitting in the road trying to warm up when we drove past him.”

12. “I found a smiley rock at the beach today! You made my day, anonymous rock hider.”

13. “This guy was tossing pebbles at a window. A girl came and let him in. Sometimes the classics really do work.”

14. “Saw this happy guy today.”

15. “My dad and I were driving across Canada and this guy came up to say hello.”

16. “Sσ I saw this happy little chap when I was in The Falkland Islands.”

17. “I met an owl today and it was the happiest day of my life.”

What’s one small thing that easily turned your meh day into the happiest day of your life? What rare animal have you seen up-close, in real life?