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16 Things That Are Sσ Big They Seem to Have Come From Another Planet

Alice in Wonderland syndrome is a condition where things look bigger or smaller than they actually are. But some objects are sσ huge that we literally start thinking that we’ve turned into Alice in our real life.

Bright Side has found some items and animals whose size is really impressive.

16. Traffic lights

We aren’t used to seeing this object sσ close sσ it usually looks a bit smaller. In fact, traffic lights are as tall as the average child.

15. An excavator

Excavator ERShR-7000 is a true giant in the world of earthmoving technologies. This machine takes off the upper ground layer before people start extracting minerals. It has 16 buckets and can walk at a speed of 130 yards per hour.

14. A frog

Here’s a huge frog known as the goliath bullfrog. Specimens can grow up to 12.6 inches in length and weigh up to 7.17 lb. This species lives in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

13. A flower

The titan arum is one of the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world ( it grows up to 10 ft high) and it smells like rotting meat. In the past, these flowers used to grow in the rainforests of Sumatra and today the plant is cultivated by botanical gardens. The name of the flower in the picture is Morticia and she lives in the Franklin Park Zoo near Boston.

12. Honeycomb

In the photo, you can see wild honey that is produced by Nepalese bees that are 2 times bigger than European ones. They live at a height of 4,000-13,000 ft above sea level. The average nests are 3 ft wide and 5 ft high.

11. A mosquito

The world’s biggest mosquito with a 4-inch wingspan was caught in China. It belongs to the Holorusia mikado species. Average mosquitos are 2 times smaller than this giant. Despite its creepy appearance, it doesn’t drink blood and is terrible at flying.

10. A cruise ship

Allure of the Seas is one of the biggest passenger ships in the world. She’s 236 ft high, 1,187 ft long, and can accommodate 6,400 passengers and more than 2,000 crew members.

9. A bat

The large flying fox is a southeast Asian species of mega bat. Despite its terrifying appearance, it feeds exclusively on fruits, nectar, and flowers.

8. A tire

While taking a stroll along a Hawaiian beach, Pamela Wang found an avocado weighing 5.2 lb. Before this an avocado weighing 3.9 lb was considered to be the biggest.

6. A swimming pool

The world’s largest swimming pool is located in Chile on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The pool is 3,323 ft long, contains 66 million gallons of seawater, covers 20 acres, and has a maximum depth of 115 ft. The temperature of water is 78°F (48°F more than the temperature of the ocean.)

5. A nut

The world’s biggest nut grows on a tree in the Seychelles. It’s called Coco-de-mer and it weighs about 55 lb, is 5 ft long, and 3 ft in diameter.

4. Wine barrels

This barrel has a capacity of 204,574 liters of wine. In Capetown, there are 5 similar barrels and the biggest of them has a capacity of 207,302 liters of wine.

3. A tree

The General Sherman tree grows in the Sequoia National Park. It’s the biggest creature in the world. It stands 275 ft tall, and is over 36 ft in diameter at the base. 60 ft above the base, it is 17.5 ft in diameter.

2. An anchor chain

Here’s the anchor chain of the cruise ship Queen Mary 2, a ship that traveled around the world with 5,000 passengers on board. If we cut one of the chains, its diameter would be about 5 inches.

1. Bicycle parking

This is not even the largest bicycle parking in Amsterdam. Fietsparkeren, a 4-story parking near the central station, can accommodate 2,500 bicycles. By the way, it’s not very easy to find an empty space there.

Let your imagination run wild: is there any item that you’d buy if it was bigger than an ordinary one?