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17 Furry (and Feathered) Friends That Prove Cuteness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

When we talk about animals that captivate us with their beauty, images of rabbits, cats, and dogs immediately come to mind, among other “classic” pets. But these are not the only beautiful animals in the world! Some of the species we least expect to be beautiful can surprise us with an absolute display of tenderness and charm. The pictures that some users shared on social media prove that in the animal kingdom, beauty breaks the conventional standards and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Sσ The Info Times made a compilation of some of the best pictures we found online. Try not to melt when looking at sσ much cuteness please!

1. This little giraffe stole our heart forever

2. “Instructions unclear. Tried to get a guard dog, but now I only speak to her in baby talk.”

3. This little guy named Nugget is breaking the internet and Reddit because he’s way too cuteeee.

4. “Meet my baby girl!”

5. “Finally caved and got Lucy an IKEA doll bed… Happy nugget ”

6. “This little guy was one of the last babies of the summer last year. He knew exactly how to get all the attention.”

7. “One of the kittens I’m currently bottle feeding has the Puss in Boots face down pat.”

8. Say cheese!

9. Can you see how its hands make the shape of a heart?

10. Well, hello there! Look at me smiling!

11. “ A Red Lory (Eos bornea) ”

12. “He’s sσ precious.”

13. “A quokka says hi!”

14. This sloth is a master of chillaxing.

15. “Baby otter”

16. “Machu & Picchu selfie”

17. “Ridiculously photogenic Leopard Gecko”

Do you have an unconventional animal as a pet that overflows with cuteness or beauty, and that you want to introduce to us? Share your pictures and we might include them in a new compilation!