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17 Mysterious Animals Painted by Night Itself

If there’s something that never ceases to amaze us, it’s nature’s tricks. A perfect example is melanism: a phenomenon that gives animals a much darker coloring than their relatives.

The Infor Times collected 17 photos proving that black suits absolutely everyone.

Wolves often have gray, grayish white, or light brown coloring. Melanistic wolves are much less common.

This rooster seems to be the fruit of someone’s imagination, but it’s real.

The serval is one of 12 felines prone to melanism.

This jaguar’s coloring is an example of an incomplete mutation.

A giraffe like you’ve never seen before.

Melanism is usually associated with the process of adaptation to environmental conditions, but there are exceptions, as in the case of this flamingo.

A young royal penguin that looks really royal.

Bambi could look like this.

Examples of pronounced melanism don’t just exist in wild nature, and this Pomeranian proves it.

This phenomenon doesn’t cause any harm to the animals’ bodies.

If animals of a darker coloring are more viable than lighter ones, the changes can be picked up by natural selection.

Then they will appear again in the next generation.

It’s worth admitting that such a mutation looks fantastic.

Over time, people have found new cases of melanism in species that didn’t tend to it previously.

To reptiles, the black color plays into their hands: their skin reflects light poorly, helping retain heat better.

Sσ nature definitely has a reason for everything.

Even for a goldfish that suddenly became black!

Yet, unfortunately, melanistic lions don’t exist. This is a photo manipulation that became widespread and still misleads many people.