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19 Animals Who Radiate Beauty In Their Own Special Ways

There are over 8.7 million species in the world, and the vast majority belong to the animal kingdom, with thousands more that are yet to be discovered. From translucent life forms to furry creatures, each animal has its own unique traits and physical features. And here are some animals with looks that are nothing short of special.

1. “I caught my axolotl smiling again. His name is Wooper.”

2. “My cat has round ears and looks like a bear.”

3. The okapi is a relative of the giraffe, but it looks like it’s half-zebra.

4. A wandering albino echidna

5. An almost neon-colored veiled chameleon

6. A charcoal black Ayam Cemani chicken

7. The glow-up of a colugo, also known as a flying lemur

8. A puffy and stout echidna

9. A black salamander that’s pretending to be a frog!

10. A chubby-legged granular sea star

11. A dugong that appears to be vacuuming the ocean floor

12. Hundreds of tiny legs on these millipedes!

13. A vibrant fuchsia Agonus cataphractus, or a hooknose fish

14. A rare pink fairy armadillo

15. A fluffy albino squirrel

16. The pear-shaped belly on this bearded dragon

17. The lengthy tongue of a sun bear

18. An albino mama wallaby and her baby

19. A mop-looking Komondor