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19 Baby Animals Who Know How to Make Us Go, “Aww!”

If you’re just realizing you spent 30 minutes looking at pictures of baby animals, just know it’s totally normal. We’re sσ drawn to precious creatures that just by looking at them, our brain releases dopamine, the same chemical you produce when you fall in love. You could even say it’s a bit addictive. Sσ let us feed your addiction to these cute, cuddly animals right away!

1. Say hello to your new dream pet.

2. As if squirrels weren’t sweet enough, this is a baby version.

3. You definitely said “aww” with this one.

4. Our hearts just melted.

5. Probably the tiniest chicken you’ll ever see.

6. “No bananas? What!?”

7. Have you ever seen newborn hedgehogs?

8. “OMG! And what did you say?”

9. Hello to you too!

10. This little baby can cure you of any Monday blues.

11. “Someday I’ll be the Lion King!”

12. We have a finalist.

13. They look like they’re having fun.

14. “Did you bring my favorite snack?”

15. “Do you need a dummy?”

16. “I need to have this one to love immediately.”

17. He’s really happy to be photographed.

18. Look at how small this baby hippo is — definitely an “aww” moment here.

19. Love between sisters