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19 Close-Ups From the Animal World That Told Us More Than Biology Textbooks

Cows don’t have upper front teeth, geese have pseudo-teeth on their tongues, and horses can grow mustaches. Let’s be honest, few of us remember these facts from our biology classes. But thanks to the internet, we can now see the actual pics of these curious phenomena and fill our education gaps.

We became fascinated by these zoomed in pictures of animal body parts here at Bright Side, and we wonder if you’ll feel the same when you see them.

1. An elephant’s tail looks like a worn paint brush.

2. This is what the front foot of a platypus looks like.

4. This is an embryo in an egg of a small-spotted catshark.

5. An elephant’s trunk is a fusion of a nose and an upper lip. Some types of elephants have 2 finger-like projections on the tips of their trunks, while others have only one.

6. The name of the blue-footed booby speaks for itself. The feet of these birds are a rare bright color.

7. Goats have rectangular-shaped horizontal pupils.

8. This is an owl’s ear. It’s an opening in an owl’s head hidden behind feathers.

9. Cows don’t have upper front teeth.

10. Tortoises have no teeth at all. Instead they have pointed beaks, like birds, and firm ridges that simulate teeth.

11. This is what the eyes of a robber fly look like.

12. Geese have serrated tongues that look like teeth and help them keep food inside their mouths.

13. Ostriches have only 2 toes on their feet, while most of other birds have 3 or 4.

14. This is what the suckers of an octopus look like when they’re zoomed in on.

15. The eyes of snails are black spots located on the tips of long tentacles growing from their heads.

16. The surface of a cat’s tongue is covered with tiny papillae, which makes it feel like sandpaper when it touches your skin.

17. This lizard feels alright, and its tongue is supposed to be blue. It’s called blue-tongued skink.

18. Geckos’ toes have tiny bristles on their base which help them “stick” to surfaces and move along walls and ceilings.

19. Horses can grow mustaches that look pretty much the same as those of a human.

Which of these pictures showed you something you didn’t know? Do you have your own stunning shots to share?