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19 Photos That Show Even Ordinary Things Can Reach Unimaginable Sizes

Common things can instantly turn into something unique as soon as their size changes, especially when they become bigger than we are used to seeing them. Oversized animals, foods, clothes, and plants: the larger the better (and more fun). After all, they give us a chance to feel like the real Lilliputs in a huge world.

Bright Side came across some curious shots of enormous things, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s choose the biggest one!

1. “My mom’s big cat Bob. He weighs 27 pounds.”

2. A flip flop that was probably lost by a giant

3. “I found this massive Swiss Army knife in a desk drawer.”

4. “An impressively long fry — bread for scale”

5. “Human claw for scale”

6. “I bought an onion at a local auction grown by the current Big Vegetables World Champion.”

7. “This is an 80-foot-tall boojum cactus. The cardón cactus on the right is over 60 feet tall.”

8. “These blackberries are 2-bite berries.”

9. “It’s my friends birthday and she really likes spicy chicken sushi. Sσ I made her a massive one.”

10. “This is a 4-foot-long tromboncino squash.”

11. “Wood joinery on a massive scale”

12. “Long carrots for sale at the supermarket in Japan”

13. “This absolutely massive piece of chocolate I poured out of this Special K box”

14. “Mushroom my dad found in the forest, egg for scale”

15. “My grandpa found a really big icicle.”

16. “This pine cone is huge.”

17. “I’ve been asked to share my 67 lb cabbage with you guys.”

18. “Compared this gigantic leaf I found in the park with a banana… and with myself.”

19. A massive burger and a regular-sized burger for scale

Bonus: “Found this gem on my camera roll.”