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20 Animal Photos That Prove Nature Is a Color Guru

Apparently, the beautiful landscapes and sights nature provides for us to look at and admire aren’t enough, because it has one-upped itself with these animals that are covered in unique fur markings and patterns. They make us wonder if they’re real or if nature has learned how to use Photoshop!

Bright Side would like to share 20 animals with you whose fur is nature’s canvas. Also, we prepared an interesting bonus for you at the end of the article, sσ don’t miss it!

20. This little kitty wants to be a leopard when it grows up.

19. He’s testing a brand new camouflage sσ he can hide when he makes a mess.

15. A masked hero

14. Winter on the left and summer on the right

12. Animals really do love mustaches.

11. Tuxedo and a mustache? What a gentleman!

10. When you want your owner to know that you’re number 1 in their life.

9. This pup loves you sσ much, even his fur shows it!

7. “Hey, do you like my new socks?”

6. Not sure if that’s The Flash or Harry Potter…

5. “He’s smirking because someone just complimented his eyebrows.”

4. The hero we need but don’t deserve

3. Bat-bear waiting for his batmobile

2. All these animals with mustaches should create a gentleman’s club!

Bonus: Humans painted this cat, not nature, but we thought we should share it anyway.