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20 Animals Who Show Family Is the Most Important Thing on Earth

Otters hold hands while they are taking a nap to avoid drifting away from each other. And this mix of survival instinct and pure love made us look for more examples of fluffy families who show that they are more important to each other than anything else.

Here at Bright Side, we peeped at the special bond that exists between these 20 furry parents and their children and can’t help but show them to you.

1. Mom loves everyone equally.

2. This particular way to say, “I love you.”

3. That emotion when you’re skin to skin with your little one

4. Found the perfect spot.

5. A hug from mom is all you need.

6. “Siblings by chance, best friends by choice.”

7. Orangutan moms nurse their young for up to 8 years.

8. Rescued mom, safe and sound with her puppies


9. That glorious joy when the family is about to welcome a newborn

10. “When momma is tired, the rest of the family lends a helping paw.”

11. Mommy, stay curled up with me a little while longer.

12. They’re sleeping while holding each other and having sweet dreams.

13. I just can’t stop hugging you.

14. The closer, the better.

15. Fear not, mom is here to protect you.

16. Even this newborn kitten knows the power of a kiss.

17. Not wanting to separate, even for a second

18. The little ones don’t rest, even though mom deserves a nap.

19. Even if you are grown up, you still know where your favorite place is.

20. Proud and grateful parents with their tiny offspring

Have you seen how your dogs or cats became parents? Do you think that people can learn anything from their behavior?