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20 Animals With Unique Features That Will Make You Appreciate These Creatures Even More

Being different from the crowd is what makes us special as beings. People do literally anything to be distinguished nowadays, whether is that a change of style, looks, or whatever. But it’s always better when those features are natural. One adorable example we see is in our beloved pets.

When we talk about it in the matter of beauty, I bet a lot of people have something different to say. That means while one person finds a particular animal gorgeous, another might see it as well, visually unpleasing.

With that in mind, we have made a list of animals with some of the most unique patterns that will probably make you discover a new appreciation for a creature that you otherwise didn’t pay attention to.

1. While all Siamese cats have blue eyes, we have never seen anything like it. And no, they have not been altered

2. Blue dart frog

3. Purple Snail

4. Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

5. The Regal Ring-neck Snake

6. California red-sided garter snake

7. The adorable natural pattern in these cat’s forehead

8. Indian Bull Frog

9. It’s not every day you see a heifer with a perfect heart on its head

10. It seems impossible, but you can see it with your own eyes. And what is even more surprising s how symmetrical each side of this cat’s face is

11. This cat’s fur looks like a cinnamon roll

12. A person or animal with different colored eyes has a condition known as “Heterochromia indium.” But it is not common to see two sister kittens with the same condition.

13. This cat with its extra large tail

14. Pink Dolphin

15. Blue Carpenter Bee

16. “cobalt Blue” Tarantula

17. Considering this calf has a perfect number seven from the top of its head to the tip of its nose, this little one’s owner might want to keep it close.

18. Bolivian Golden Bat – Myotis Midastactus

19. Okapi- a mix of zebra and giraffe

20. This rabbit looks like it’s wearing an eyeliner