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20 Bizarre Things People Found at the Beach

According to Forbes, $771 trillion worth of gold is hidden deep in the ocean. But in this article, we’re not referring to the deep sea, we’re talking about beaches! If you’re an ordinary person like us, you might have found seashells, seaweed and a bunch of people lying around on the beach. What else do people find there?

Here at Bright Side, we’ve looked all around the beach and found out about some people and their not-so-ordinary findings.

1. Biggest sea turtle

2. P-38 on Welsh Beach

3. Debris of a spaceship from Space X

4. An old, rusted pistol in Discovery Park, Seattle

5. A part of a rocket with the word “space” on it

7. A message in a bottle in Galveston, Texas

8. A huge chunk of ice at Cape Cod, Massachusetts

10. “My roommate found this on the beach at Coney Island.”

12. Giant snowballs floating on the water

14. Beach of Glass at Fort Braggs

17. “I found an NES with a game stuck in it washed up on the beach today.”

18. A cute puppy living on the beach

19. This giant piece of driftwood

20. “My family and I were walking on this deserted beach when we found this.”

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