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20 Cool Shots Captured by Drones

Some people feel that regular cameras are not enough for them anymore, and they are trying to become even cooler at photography by using drones that can take truly unusual shots.

Bright Side offers you a list of the most impressive drone shots of 2017. We hope to make you interested in this new kind of art.


“The match between Bulgaria and Italy has just finished. BOOM! The entire stadium exploded with unbelievable fireworks. Everyone was running around the stadium singing and dancing. I will never forget it.” (Sofia, Bulgaria)


This photo was taken in a place you can easily call paradise — Figueira Beach, Brazil. The southern sun, golden sands, and picturesque nature…what else do you need to be happy?


This woman is collecting water lilies in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.


An eagle flies over a national park in Bali, Indonesia.


A long road stretches across the forest at sundown in the USA.


“This was one of the first photos I shot with my drone. It made me do photography more often. Now I’m trying to create new and unexpected images.” (Laguna Beach, California)


More than 5 million living flowers and plants were used to recreate the A380 airplane in its original size in Dubai, UAE.


A white December (Ukraine)


A family of storks made their nest on an electrical tower in Poland.


“Ever since I saw those photos from a plane where only the tops of the buildings were visible in the fog, I had the idea to take the same photos of my city. It’s rarely foggy here, but that morning was ideal: the weather was right, and I had the equipment and free time. I chose the neighborhood near the Cathedral of Maringá, the symbol of the city. Its creator was inspired by the Sputnik satellite. I had no idea what I wanted to get until I saw this shot.” (Paraná, Brazil)


A view of the Dormition of the Mother of God (Slovenia)


A ride on quad bikes (Dubai, UAE)


Industrial alpinists working on Mercury City Tower (Moscow, Russia)


Guys, there is a whale swimming right beneath us! I had never been sσ happy as when I was taking pictures of whales. It was under us and behind us at the same time. Unbelievable!” (California, USA)


These cows are drinking in the morning sunshine in South Africa.

The Tatacoa Desert (Colombia)


A shiny white Virgin Mary (Veyre-Monton, France)


Sunrise in the Devil’s Throat waterfall (Misiones, Argentina)


“Early morning, a little fog, and a perfectly calm sea. We are on the beach in California, in one of our favorite places, enjoying the elephant seals. Breathtaking.” (California, USA)


“During our expedition in the Arctic, every day we tried to find at least some trace of polar bears. And even when I finally saw one of them, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was swimming just a few meters away from our boat. I will never forget how we were preparing for this trip, learning the behaviors of polar bears. This great polar bear is called Nanuk in Inuktitut. He is the king of the Arctic.” (Canada)

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