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20+ Designers Who Showed Us What It’s Like to Respect Nature

To make a growing tree a part of the interior instead of cutting it down or to create a green bridge over a highway to help wild animal species migrate — these little things actually make a big difference — especially today, when nature needs us more than ever! Thank God there are a lot of cool, eco-friendly designs that actually feel like the designer was being responsible about the environment and respecting nature.

1. Christmas Island, Australia has over 30 underpasses and bridges to allow the red crabs to get to the beaches to mate.

2. Garbage cans where you can put your recyclables on the outside, sσ people collecting bottles don’t have to dig through the smelly trash to get them.

3. Knives that are made from fork handles!

4. A green pass in Singapore, for animals to cross the road safely

5. A restaurant that decided to leave the tree instead of cutting it down

6. Turtle tunnels under the railroad tracks in Japan, to minimize train delays and save turtles from injuries

7. National Geographic is wrapped in paper instead of plastic!

8. A fire hydrant that doubles as a drinking fountain for dogs at a local park

9. People who put the fence over the tree roots instead of cutting into them — you deserve an award!

10. A water fountain that tells you how many water bottles have been saved by using it.

11. The Netherlands created bridges for animals called ecoducts.

12. Instead of cutting the tree, they made a roundabout.

13. A playground entirely supported by trees

14. A squirrel bridge in Longview, Washington

15. A rope bridge for squirrels over a highway in Victoria, Australia has a camera that sometimes captures pedestrians.

16. An eco-friendly beer company makes it easy to recycle their cans.

17. True respect for nature

18. A restaurant put plants under their taps to reduce water waste.

19. The way the wall was constructed with respect for the trees

20. They could’ve cut the tree, but they didn’t.

21. Moleskine packaging can be used as a ruler instead of being thrown out.

22. A 90-year-old tree growing inside a restaurant is now a whole town’s heritage.

A playground in the trees is just like a child’s dream come true! Have you seen any of these eco-friendly design solutions in real life? Do you have pics to add to this list? We’d be happy to see your stories and pics in the comments below!