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20 Fluffy Faces That Don’t Care About Manners

Cats are the only asocial animals that we’ve managed to become friends with. And considering the way they behave in society with us, their owners, there is nothing surprising about the fact that we often don’t understand them. For example, all the bad things they do when they violate our personal space is just them wanting attention.

We at Bright Side think that all pets are just little friends with big hearts. And if your cat is doing something you think is wrong, it just means that they’re craving your attention. Also, don’t forget to take a picture to be able to share it with us.

“My cat is in love with my boyfriend. She glares every time I try to sit next to him. He didn’t believe me, sσ I took a picture”

“No idea who did this.”

“Today, I adopted 2, 8-week-old kittens who are brothers. I originally applied for one, but I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brothers together, sσ here they are.”

What an amazing scarf!

“Couldn’t find my cat after I went to get my pizza. I have no idea how she got up there sσ fast.”

“Thought I’d roll over and cuddle with my boyfriend this morning. Spot was already taken.”

How can anyone work in this situation?

“The family cat is really just my dad’s cat.”

“Good thing Mom has Milly around to help with all the things.”

“My granddad doesn’t like cats, but the cat wanted to make friends.”

“My cat does this whenever someone showers.”

Trying to work from home, but the cat doesn’t care.

“Do your cats watch you shower? Because mine do. And they have done this since they were kittens. Every shower.”

“Had a family mahjong game last night and my cat decided to just casually sit in the playing area.”

“I told her off for sitting on the work surface sσ she did this…”

Working from home is gonna be easy, they said.

There are no limits for cats.

First you must answer his riddles.

When you ask your cat to let your sit on your chair:

This is how Jeff Lyons does his show.

What do your pets do in order to get at least some attention from you?