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20 Funny Animal Pictures That You Need In Your Life

The Internet was practically invented for funny animal pictures. Here are some of the best ones to brighten your day and make you smile.

File your hygiene complaints in the round bin

Get ready, because these funny animals will have you uncontrollably laughing out loud. “You’ve heard of ‘If I fits, I sits’? Well this is the corollary ‘If its clean dishes, I squishes.’”

The Internet is no place to horse around

“Do not, I repeat, do not Google ‘hot fillies near you’! I swear those pictures were not all what I was expecting.”

Can I have my spin-off sequel now, Disney?

“I did it, guys! I finally found Nemo!! Tank you, tank you very much.”

Hey, who you calling pencil neck?

“My boss says I’m head and shoulders above the competition. Of course, I work with chimps and rhinos sσ…”

This is what happens when I don’t get my beauty sleep

“Ack, don’t look at me! Morning light is sσ harsh and I haven’t had time to put on my makeup yet! These wrinkles are killing me.”

These cheeks don’t lie

“Gluttony? I would never! What do you mean I have ‘cheeks of guilt’? I have no idea where that pile of bird food went. I’m putting the ‘munk’ back in ‘chipmunk’!”

I got bad genetics, maaaaan!

“I think my comb-over is very subtle and realistic looking. No one will ever know I’m balding!”

Who’s a good boy now?

“Oh sure, everyone thinks dressing dogs up in human clothes and putting them on human furniture is the cutest thing. Well, I just peed on this couch. And Ralph over there is two seconds from chewing the leg off. Everybody smiiiile!”

Two penguins are better than one

“We’re holding hands! Wait, we don’t have hands! It’s fine, we’re penguins; it’s even cuter this way! High five, er, fin!”

I’m ready for my close up

“Don’t tell me to smile; this IS my happy face!”

Vitamin C is a very important part of a healthy diet

“Wait, are you telling me that when they said to eat five servings of fruit a day they didn’t mean all at once?! How boring.”

Where’s that little lion cub?

“Ahhhhsevenya! Adabeebeebabwa! It’s the circle, the circle of liiiiiife! Feel free to sing along if you like—everyone knows the words. And by that, I mean everyone knows some words… maybe not the right words but definitely some words!”

It’s Mr. Toad to you

“You can’t catch warts from me, my legs do not taste good in butter, and if you kiss me I will not turn into a prince. Are we done here?”

Politics is what the block button was invented for

“My face when people get political on Facebook. Is it a rule that every argument must end with someone being called Hitler?”

Who wants to play ‘lice or rice’?

“Now hold still, I am popping this zit whether you like it or not! Don’t you know how popular these ‘popping’ videos are on YouTube? Thanks to your acne, we’ll be millionaires.”

I can see right through your lies, child

The face your mom makes when you say you called her on Sunday but she figured out how to find her call history—and you ain’t on it.

No I’M rubber and you’re glue!

“My head is totally not stuck here, nope. I can get it out any time I want. I’m just choosing to, you know, hang out here between my two favorite fence poles. Cool, cool.”

I may be brown but the milk still isn’t chocolate

“I have a juicy rump? Why thank you, I don’t want to brag but the other cows do call me JMoo.”

Wait, where does ham come from?

“Stop looking at me like I’m a snack! I can see how you could be confused but ‘ham’ stands for hamster, not guinea pig.”

Why, yes, I am a pro makeup artist

“Hey listen up—do you want to make buckets of money doing nothing from home? I’ve got a business opportunity you’d be a fool to pass up. What? No, I can’t tell you what it is here. Let’s set up an appointment to chat. Bring your checkbook.”

The news is a snooze

“Fetch me my slippers, human! And where’s my coffee? This paper isn’t going to read itself. Although that would be nice because I can’t read it either. Because I’m a dog.”