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20 Kg Leopard With 8 Meter Long Crocodile, Who Will Win This Fight.

This is the incredible moment a jaguar emerges from the water to launch a fierce attack on a caiman lying on the sand. These stunning images show the 20 stone cat attacking at lightning speed while the reptile is 8 feet long.

In an act of chaos, the ferocious cat slams its teeth and claws into the black reptile’s back before knocking it out of its jaws.
His attack from the water is amazing, It’s reminiscent of crocodiles attacking land animals in Africa. He is estimated to be around seven years old and is almost blind in his right eye, possibly due to battles defending his territory.

This jaguar was filmed launching a fierce attack on a caiman as it basked in the sun. Above, the animal crouched down when planning an attack. When the jaguar attacks, the caiman tries to escape.
Using water hyacinth for cover, ‘Mick’ slowly entered the small canal and swam straight up behind the caiman, keeping his figure as low as possible.

Once at the brink, he exploded out of the water and onto the caiman’s back, swinging the claws of his right foot at its side.
Then he also hooked the caiman with his left foot and took a bite in the back of the skull – but he didn’t have a good angle.

In the process, his momentum brought them both into the water, where he readjusted his position and his teeth were found at the back of the caiman’s neck. He then pushes the caiman into the water – propelling a bow-shaped wave forward as he swims.

When he reached the beach opposite, he quickly disappeared into the grass with his death. They became expert caiman killers and hunted during the day, surprising cold-blooded reptiles as they basked in the sun.
They are also the largest and most powerful jaguar in South America, allowing them to take down larger prey.