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20 Powerful Photos That Prove Nature Is No Playground

Despite the fact that nature has been consistently shrinking since the Ice Age, with animals and plants becoming smaller and smaller, it still remains something unpredictable and powerful, that doesn’t obey the rules. We see it in the resilience of plants growing in the most unexpected places, a giant ancient shark tooth, or lava waterfalls. Nature never fails to inspire awe and thrill in us.

Bright Side collected 20 admirable stunts of nature, both big and small, and wants to share them with you.

1. “I measured Thomas, my 160-year-old critically endangered tortoise, 4.4 ft long x 2.4 ft high.”

2. “This overgrown house in Norway”

3. “A full moon on the right side, a street light on the left, and a thunderstorm in between.”

4. “Fire fall at Yosemite yesterday. Drove 7 hours, thought I might miss it!”

5. “Can’t wait to grow sunflowers again this year! Here are my 15 ft American giant hybrids from last summer.”

6. “I love how nature always finds a way.”

7. “Ancient tree dating back to the 1100s in my town”

8. “Tannins from the spruce and peaty soil turn the river red.”

9. “The clouds on the hills behind my house look like a tsunami.”

10. “Nature will find a way. And if it can’t, nature will make one.”

11. “I captured a lightning striking the forest. You can see the fire/explosion at the impact points.”

12. “Komodo Dragons hanging out at the ranger station, waiting for some chicken meat to be thrown to them.”

13. “Megalodon tooth found in the Ace River Basin, Georgia. The creature that had this would have been larger than a school bus.”

14. An old tree eats away a street sign in Sofia, Bulgaria.

15. “This summit looks like a moon landscape.”

16. “Mutant dandelion that was growing in my garden”

17. “Rainbow laser beam over Edinburgh, Scotland back in March”

18. “This extra-large bean I grew”

19. “My mother took a photo of snow falling from pines, concealing the view.”

20. “I traveled 300 kilometers away from my heavily light-polluted city to capture this image of The Andromeda Galaxy.”

What stunning shots do you have in your photo album?