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20 Real Animals That Seem to Have Come From Fantasy Movies

The internet makes us believe that there’s nothing in the world that can surprise us. However, nature proves us wrong all the time. Have you ever seen a transparent fish or an albino alligator? We haven’t and we’re really, really impressed.

The Infor Times invites you to have a look at some animals that prove nature always has something up its sleeve.

20. Heart-face

19. Nomura’s Jellyfish is one of the largest in the world. The size of a fully grown jellyfish is bigger than the height of an average human!

18. A Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish

17. Cute Ouroboros baby dragon

16. A bearded cat

15. She is sσ glamorous.

14. An albino horse

13. Beautiful on top, but deadly beneath

12. He is completely black. Even his eyes…

11. One cat, 9 lives, 4 ears

10. This albino alligator looks like a statue.

9. A sawfish

8. Who knew frogs could be that big! This one is a giant indeed!

7. The coconut crab is the largest land-living crab in the world!

6. An albino turtle swims among normal ones.

5. This is a hammer-headed bat.

4. A giant Leatherback sea turtle

3. This rhinoceros beetle is amazingly huge!

2. A flying fox bat that likes fruits

1. A group of huge horseshoe crabs lying on the beach

Bonus: A hedgehog’s skeleton

We bet all the creatures made you say, “Wow!” Which one was the most surprising for you?