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20 Things That Are Way Bigger Than We Tend to Think

Many regular things seem smaller than they really are when seen from a distance. Sσ when we see some animals in pictures and photos, we assume that they’re not really that big. You will be really surprised to find out how big some road signs, eagles, street lights, windmills, and many other things are in this article!

1. A polar bear paw compared to human hands

2. Coconut crabs are giant!

3. A centipede

4. A giant freshwater stingray

5. Road signs are really big.

6. Gorilla hands

7. “The size of this 400,000 volt underground cable compared to my hand”

8. A regular moose compared to the size of a car

9. A girl standing inside an arm of an excavator

10. The size of a tornado compared to the size of wind turbines

11. Camels are way bigger than they seem

12. The Mars Curiosity Rover with a human for scale

13. Amur tigers can be up to 10 feet long

14. The Titanic compared to a modern cruise ship

15. A wolf compared to a labrador

16. An African elephant skull in comparison to an entire human skeleton

17. A wind turbine blade with a human for scale

18. A blue whale’s heart

19. Traffic lights are not that small.

20. An eagle talon

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