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21 Real Photos That Seem to Belong to Other Worlds

Our human nature makes us afraid of the unknown sσ that we stay away from danger. But thanks to curious people who’ve somehow overcome this fear, there is less and less mystery in the world. You simply have to take a picture of an unusual phenomenon and internet users, scientists, or travelers will tell you what it is. They’ll explain why some mushrooms form perfect circles or who throws around those glass balls that kids pick up in summer.

The Infor Times has collected the most interesting photos depicting strange things and phenomena that created some hot discussions on the internet. Will you guess what’s going on in there?

A tiny pet dragon

This is a rare Mexican Alligator lizard. They are threatened with extinction due to deforestation and because of poachers.

An albino crow

These birds live in Qualicum Beach, Canada. They have leucism, a condition in which there is loss of pigmentation. Around 10 years ago, 2 birds with leucism met and gave birth to their offspring that inherited this feature. Each year, the number of white crows in Qualicum Beach grows.

A space creature…

… nope, just a Leopard seal beneath the ice.

Mysterious glass balls that kids collect.

This is what the semi-finished product used at glass factories looks like. Balls often fall out during transportation and impress the children who find them.

An unusual sky phenomenon

This phenomenon is created by the reflection of light from tiny ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere or that comprise high-altitude clouds. This light pillar looks like candlelight.

On the edge of the world

A diver sitting on the edge of a drop-off.

A sea butterfly dissolving in water

This is a limacina or a sea butterfly. Its shell was exposed to CO2 and dissolved in water over 45 days.

The level of CO2 was increased to show the effect of climate changes on Earth: emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere increase its concentration in water and lead to ocean acidification forcing some marine species into extinction.

A mysterious pond with blue water

This pond is surrounded by legends. It’s said that people who swim in it, die soon afterward. If you pour this water in a glass, it loses its unusual color. According to one of the theories, it’s all about the minerals at the bottom of the pond.

Electrical superpower

Almost all people possess this superpower in winter. When coming into contact with warm synthetic clothes, static electricity appears. If you increase the humidity in the room, the effect will disappear. To avoid static electricity charges, it’s recommended to choose clothes made from natural materials.

An ice house

A house encased in ice after a blizzard in Ohio.

The leg of an unknown animal

It’s a southern cassowary’s leg. These birds are almost as big as ostriches. This species ranges from 50-67 inches in length. Birds use their strong legs and claws to attack.

Black eggs boiled in a volcano

It’s said that if you eat this egg, you’ll prolong your life for 7 years. They are cooked only in the volcanic valley of Owakudani in Japan. Fresh eggs are put in puddles with water that’s mixed with hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.

An invisible wall

It’s just an illusion: this is a triangular building in Singapore. This incredible effect occurs if you take a picture of it at a certain angle.

Abnormal zones where lamps glow on their own

It’s all about the electromagnetic radiation that is formed around power lines which makes light bulbs light up on their own, hair stand on end, and the air smell like ozone.

Nikola Tesla used the same trick: he would bury light bulbs around his towers and people would think everything was charged with electricity.

Weird signs on trees

There’s no magic here: woodpeckers tend to make randomly placed holes when they’re searching for insects.

An ancient artifact found on the beach

This is agate in a snail’s shell. The mineral literally conquered this space and evicted the previous dweller.

Disappearing blades

It’s just an illusion: the color of a blade is the same as the color of the ceiling. Have a closer look.

A magic school

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro

A giant bat

This is a large flying fox that eats fruit. Their size is really impressive. Some of these animals are as big as a 6-year-old child. Despite their size, they aren’t predators, but it’s better not to come face-to-face with them since they carry viruses that are extremely dangerous for humans.

Rabbits from a parallel universe

Have you ever seen any mysterious things or creatures?