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21 Stunning Images That Will Make You Say WOW

We at The Info Times are simply mesmerized by the incredible beauty and harmony of our planet. That’s why we selected the finest images that will really grab your attention, and help you understand what we’re talking about!

Aerogel – the lightest solid material on our planet made of 99.9% air.

An opal which appears to contain the first rays of dawn.

A ”Battleship” armadillo in safety mode.

No, that’s not a pebble on the photo. It’s a unique view of the ’’dark side’’ of the moon together with the Earth in the background, captured by NASA.

New York looks like a circuit board at night.

Footprints carved into the floorboards over time by a monk who has prayed in the same spot for 20 years.

Earth’s quietest place -the ’’anechoic chamber’’ at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis. No sound from the outside enters you ear canals, and it gradually drives you insane. You can even hear the blood pumping through your head.

The Magdeburg water bridge in Germany.

This huge aquarium is a part of an elevator shaft. It houses about 1,500 fish.

This is a zebroid – a mix of a zebra and a pony.

This is not a diorama. It’s a real island full of people who survived the floods in Malaysia.

Velcro under a microscope.

A bridge over a frozen river.

The cleanest and clearest water in the world, Melissani Lake, Greece.

The road through Death Valley, USA. It stretches more than 200 kilometers in a straight line.

A surfer in training for endurance. She runs along the bottom of the ocean with a 20-pound stone in order to have the strength to withstand the high pressure of shock waves.

A confluence in the ríver Uruguay and its tributary, in Misiones province, Argentina.

A winter fairy tale scene in Siberia.

A futuristic-looking parking lot in a Volkswagen factory, Wolfsburg.

The Fukang meteorite – a precious gift of the universe. It is nearly 4.5 billion years old.

This is where the Great Wall of China ends.


If you are going on a whale watching trip, don’t forget your life jacket! Accidents involving whales rare, but they can be dangerous.