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21 Things Whose Size Came as a Total Surprise

When we look at photographs, we sometimes don’t have any idea of the true size of certain things. In order to understand our world better, we should see these objects in comparison with others. The things we considered small may turn out to be really huge.

1. The sheer size of this saltwater crocodile

2. Just an anaconda…

3. The biggest baby in the world is 23 lb. He is being compared to an average-sized baby.

4. Barbie’s proportions compared to an average 19-year-old’s.

5. This is a human skeleton compared to a gorilla skeleton.

6. A Lion’s Mane jellyfish

7. A size comparison of McDonald’s Big Macs over the years

8. The world’s oldest living wombat

9. A 1-month-old kitten

10. A blue whale and a big ship

11. A newborn kitten’s head is the size of a bottle cap.

12. In case you were wondering, here’s the (size) difference between $10,000 in ones and hundreds.

13. An elephant seal compared to a human

14. 6-day-old mice

15. One of the props that were used for the close-ups in the Lord of the Rings movies

16. Bear claws next to a human hand

17. A new pair of work shoes compared to a pair of the exact same model after 15 months

18. This escalator is much dirtier on the side that people walk up compared to the side people stand on.

19. A huge door with a human for scale.

20. The size of this California Condor

21. A 10MB hard drive from the 1960s