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22 Nature Shots That Made Us Yell, “Show Me More!”

In order to see the world from an unusual angle, all you need to do is be lucky and observant. Have you ever seen a blonde squirrel? And how about an egg boiled in hot springs? We are sure you didn’t know cactuses could climb rocks!

1. This moss-covered boot found in the woods

2. A chunk of ice from Lake Baikal

3. The endangered Mexican Alligator Lizard

4. “A salt crystal I found at Salar de Uyuni”

5. This ancient breed of chicken called the Padovana are only found in a small region of Italy.

6. Cactus trying to escape

7. “Shells I collected at the beach with my son”

8. “My dad captured a pretty cool picture of a blue jay.”

9. This amazing black panther

10. The way this ice made a circle on a sign post

11. “Found this nearly perfect oblate spheroid basalt rock on a beach in Iceland.”

12. This mushroom that grew perfectly out of the center of a tree

13. Eggs boiled in the hot springs in Hakone, Japan come out with black shells.

14. He has a big heart.

15. “The garlic I grew has only one mega-clove.”

16. The way the snow formed on top of the grass looks like a mattress topper.

17. “A blonde squirrel on my old mail route…”

18. Heart-shaped tree in Ohio

19. “This gerbera flower in my backyard is covered with a spider web.”

20. A rare squirrel species called Momonga lives only in Japan.

21. They have huge eyes and little paws and are the mascot of Hokkaido Island.

22. They are sσ cute that we couldn’t just choose one photo.