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22 Unusual Pets People Actually Keep Today

People have kept pets for a long time, but some individuals always have to take it a step further. They don’t want any ordinary pet, they want something unusual, exotic, and unique. Sometimes they’ll go as far as bringing a wild animal home. For example, Pablo Escobar was very fond of his 4 hippos, and Audrey Hepburn adopted a deer that she starred in a movie with.

Sσ, for this article The Info Times collected some pictures that show that pretty much any animal can be a pet.

1. Sleep tight, little one.

2. I’ll just hang out here, if you don’t mind.

3. Mom, you’re embarrassing me.

4. I now pronounce you my favorite human.

5. What’s up, guys?

7. This is the definition of a dangerous woman.

9. Me when I hear someone open a bag of chips in the kitchen:

10. You got something to eat?

11. If you’re happy and you know it, then just oink.

12. He’s the biggest fan in town.

13. I’ll always be there for you, human.

14. Are you sure Puss in Boots has biggest eyes?

16. If you stare at me, I’ll stare back.

17. I don’t share my food.

18. Sitting in this tank, thinking about life…

19. Just a little snuggle bug

20. I am just a big baby.

21. Dad, your hugs make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Bonus: A herd of giraffes lives on the property of a hotel in Kenya and surprises its guests with frequent visits.

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