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23 Times Nature Got Really Creative When Mixing Colors

Nobody is going to argue with the fact that nature is perfect at just about everything, including the ability to mix colors. But sometimes, it really surprises us, presenting the most ordinary things in a completely new light. A parakeet hiding the sky in its feathers, a person with purple eyes, albino seeds, a blue lobster, and many more other color experiments are awaiting you in this article.

Bright Side managed to find 23 photos that show the times when nature refused to be cliché.

A piece of the sky in your hand

“I have purple eyes.”

This cat has a cat on its back sσ you can pet a cat while petting a cat.

Australian sky

“My boyfriend has freckles on only half of his face.”

“A lizard that I found today had a tail (that I assume it regrew) with a different pattern and color than the rest of its body.”

“This rainbow coming out of our dumpster”

Albino Doberman

Rhodochrosite crystals pretending to be good meat

The iridescent lobster may be 1 in 100 million

This is a gift from the depths of the Earth.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog that deserved to be called Bandit as much as this good boy.”

The way the sunrise is hitting just this one tree

“These multi-colored iguanas look like a starter pack of baby monsters.”

“My beard grows in almost exactly half-white and half-brown.”

“One of my pepper seedlings is albino.”

Ran out of ink.

This shadow that perfectly lined up with the light pole

Nice tuxedo!

“My friend’s iris is split in half.”