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24 New Pics Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home

The longer people stay inside, the more it seems like animals are ready to take our spaces for themselves. Or maybe they’re just curious where all the people have gone? Either way, more and more people report seeing various wild animals lurking in the streets and it seems to be a growing trend.

One video shows a massive herd of sheep running around in the streets of a Turkish city at night, a sight that some would describe as once in a lifetime. Other instances show animals that we might occasionally glimpse on the outskirts of cities braving their way into the city centers.

Most of the people observing such phenomena are either amused or in awe; however, not everyone is happy. “Looks like we won’t be getting any rambutan (again) this year,” a woman who posted a shot of a monkey on the roof complained. “A horde of monkeys are feasting on the fruits at this very moment.”

What are your thoughts on various animals roaming the streets while humans self-isolate at home? Tell us in the comments down below. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#1 Duluth’s Mall Is Sσ Empty That A Bear Decided It Was A Good Napping Spot

#2 Deer Invade Residential Areas In Toronto, Canada

#3 A Flock Of Sheep Nearby Mcdonalds In Ebbw Vale, Wales

#4 A Sea Lion Is Seen On A Sidewalk Of Mar Del Plata Harbour During The Lockdown

#5 Wild Penguins Take Over Simon’s Town, South Africa

#6 Coyote On The Streets Of San Francisco During The Coronavirus Shelter In Place Order

#7 Biologist Andrea Mangoni Recently Spotted A Jellyfish Gliding Through The Crystal Clear Waterways Of Venice

#8 Deer Running Along Beach At Bluffers Park, Toronto

#9 Sheep Pour Into The Streets Of A Turkish City

#10 A Kangaroo Was Captured Speeding Through The Streets Of Adelaide

#11 Monkeys Playing In A Pool In Mumbai

#12 While Boar With Its Babies In Bergamo, Italy

#13 Gangs Of Turkeys In The Empty Streets Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

#14 Deer At The Local Train Station In Ireland

#15 People Jog Near A Jackal At Hayarkon Park In Tel Aviv, Israel

#16 Ducks Swimming In A Residential Pool

#17 Wild Animals Invade Skukuza Golf Club In South Africa

#18 An Echidna Checking Things Out Near The Offices At Yanco Agricultural Institute, Australia

#19 One Of The Monkeys Scavenging For Food Near The City Center In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#20 Deer Wandering Around People’s Houses In Toronto

#21 A Boar In The Streets Of Barcelona, Spain

#22 Geese Wandering Along The Las Vegas Strip

#23 A Cow Wandering In The Streets Of Delhi, India

#24 A Wild Duck Roaming Outside A School In Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK