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25 Animal Features That Shook Our World a Little

Nature is an endless source of inspiration and we’ll never stop admiring the amazing creatures that inhabit our planet. Horses growing mustaches, a half-albino peacock, a curly cat and a bald hedgehog are just some examples of the creatures we’re talking about. If you can’t believe these animals exist, take a look at our collection of pics depicting animals with the most unbelievable features ever.

Here at The Info Times we were amazed by the stunning looks of these unusual animals and can’t wait to share these pictures with you!

1. Did you know that horses can grow mustaches?

They look funny, don’t they?

2. If you think it’s a dog, take a closer look! It’s a long-haired angora rabbit!

4. Who knew short-haired cats could be curly at the same time?

5. Is it a little chicken or a creature from a fairy-tale?

6. This cat looks unearthly!

8. We are all used to seeing birds sitting in trees, but this is something new!

9. These goats are perching in Argania trees and eating nuts.

10. There are no rules in nature.

12. This blue-footed booby has the fanciest “shoes” in the bird world.

13. An albino lion! What a rare encounter!

15. These eyes are mesmerizing!

16. This horse should be featured in a shampoo commercial.

17. “I had no idea their tongues were sσ long!”

18. Have you ever seen a bearded monkey?

20. This lizard’s skin boasts all colors of the spectrum!

21. This guy must have spent ages working out at the gym!

22. It’s the most colorful bird we’ve ever seen!

23. It looks as if these guys were painted with black ink.

24. The color of this snail is just unbelievable!

25. It’s hard to believe, but this picture was not Photoshopped. This is a half-albino peacock that’s incredibly beautiful.

Which of these pictures amazed you most? Have you ever seen animals with such extraordinary appearances? Feel free to share your impressions and pictures in the comments!