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25 animals who are really, really eager to come inside

Many animals like walking outdoors. Have you ever seen a furry cutie unwilling to come home? Sometimes, though, all they want is to be inside. Moments like this can show you a whole variety of your pet’s emotions — from their pretty face to their fiercest look.

Bright Side collected some of the funniest pictures we’ve seen of animals whose owners didn’t mean any harm by letting them outside.

What are they staring at?

Open the d-o-o-o-r…

Wow, it’s a Rocket from ’Guardians of the Galaxy’!

I’m crawling up!

Oh, they’re roasting a chicken…

Master, let me in! I’m afraid of this awful bird.

Life’s bad if you haven’t got a cat

Open up! It’s sσ dark and scary out here!


Hello! We’re your new neighbors

Hey pal, let me in or I’ll make things bad for you!

We look pretty much the same when we forget the keys

Let me in! I’ve got a gift for you…

Oh, please don’t get up from the couch. I’ll let myself in!

Knock-knock, I’m Santa Claus!

I guess this dog is possessed by a demon

Oh, stop it, you won’t get cold in that jacket

A normal day for Spider Cat

Nothing strange here. Just a dog making faces at his owner.

Heeey, open the door! I’ve brought a friend.

Oops, I guess Snowy doesn’t like winter

I got tired of waiting for you and decided to have a seat. Is something wrong?

This look won’t leave anyone indifferent

I have your bear! I’ll give it back if you let me in.