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25 Photos of Real Things That We Couldn’t Even Imagine

Nowadays when anything can be found with just a few clicks, it’s difficult to believe that there are still things we’ve never seen. However, there are things in the world that you would be very lucky to see – even in photos.

Bright Side has collected unbelievable photos from all over the world showing very rare things.

Have you ever seen a whale’s heart?

A shark’s egg in the light through the water

This is what a big storm looks like from 37,000 feet above the ocean.

A baby swordfish

After the launch of a rocket

The tallest palm tree in the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s real!

An unbelievable iceberg in Greenland

Armadillo lizard

Blood-red rainbow

Lightning during a volcanic eruption

These mushrooms look like flames.

Paper nautilus baby

Eclipse from a plane

This turtle shell is covered with moss.

A multicolored chameleon

The end of the Great Wall of China

A mountain lion hides in trees covered with snow.

The little dot on the left of the photo is Mercury orbiting the Sun.

A spider’s eye under a microscope

This thick fog looks like waves.

A very beautiful obelisk

Trachyandra is a houseplant that looks like it has tentacles.

A theatre behind the curtain

A human-sized jellyfish

A white bat

What is the most extraordinary thing you have ever seen? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!