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28 Photos Showing the Unusual Side of Our World

Discovering new things doesn’t just happen in school. We can learn new and amazing things every single day. If you take the time to look around, the world is an unbelievable place.

The Info Times has collected 26 photos that are sσ amazing, they’re sure to surprise anyone.

This old frozen statue

A defensive armadillo

“Saw a car with three front windshield wipers today.”

Ships that seem to float in the air

An oddly shaped tree

This golf ball made almost entirely smooth by the ocean.

This alligator is made from bread.

This public ashtray discourages littering.

The rain rolled off the blue paint, but stuck to the red.

This nearly perfect gym floor before anything was put on it

These steps were built hundreds of years ago to help men and women get on their horses.

This sculpture spent thousands of years on the sea floor.

Dollar bills from 1935

The sun came through the window of my new apartment and hit a mirror, setting my carpet on fire.

This worm escaped from my gecko’s food bowl and is now drinking his water.

“The arm of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is only about as long as mine.”

This stretch of road used for practicing lines

Crystal clear ice from Lake Baikal

“You can tell I’m blind in one eye by looking at the shade.”

Cats have vitiligo too.

A windy day in the northeast caused these icicles to form sideways.

This mailbox that opens on both sides sσ the homeowner doesn’t have to open his gate

“When I take pictures of my blind dog with the flash on, it looks like there’s fire in her eyes.”

“My lock got a bit scratched up and the middle now looks kind of like a horse.”

“My boss’s mousepad that’s shaped like a tiny rug.”

These bus seats with a raccoon pattern in Tampere, Finland

“Took a picture of the Chicago skyline as my phone vibrated and it distorted the picture.”

“Cleared and stained this fish through a process that renders the skin/organs transparent, the bones red, and the cartilage blue.”

Which of these photos amazed you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!