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34 Rare Photos That Show a New Side of This World

It’s not necessary to be a cool photographer to take a good photo. Being in the right place at the right time is often enough to capture an image that will excite people’s minds and make thousands of internet users discuss and share it with their friends.

The Infor times collected 34 such photos that will assure you once again that our world is full of amazing things.

A cat’s paw via a macro lens

Intersection in Timișoara, Romania

This is where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.

This old lady invites you to take a milk bath with her watching you.

Stingray — bottom view

A banana forgotten in a closet

“My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle.”

A forest with a perfect shape

This fish is called a “velvet belly lanternshark.”

“Rainbow Crystal Geode”

This is a rubbish dump of orphaned bicycles in China.

A football match during a severe blizzard

“I was shaking a box of toothpicks and they arranged themselves like this.”

Bobbed alpacas

“Can tab clothing”

Albino crocodile

The birth of a tornado

This grape looks like a pumpkin.

A forest in the shape of a guitar

What flexibility!

A boulder destroyed an Italian homestead.

Pregnant capsicum

You’d feel sorry throwing out this burned light bulb.

This nice lady stopped to ask the way.

A banana Christmas tree

“I took a photo of my daughter walking through a drainage tube, and the lighting created the effect of bad Photoshop.”

Doubled fangs of a kitten

Gigantic termitary

The cobweb looks like one from a cartoon.

This cat is warming up its bottom.