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35+ Times Nature Made People Go “Well, That Sucks”

As humans over drowned in work, stress, a daily routine we often tend to forget what is life like out there in nature. There are indeed many wonders in nature from the colorful sunset skies to pretty flowers, unique beaches, animals, sea creatures, and a lot of other incredible beautiful things. But things in nature can also be surprising. As much as we enjoy the lovely nature, the mountains, and everything, we cannot pretend is all sweetness and light out there. What if, for instance, we are doomed to hurricanes, floods, record snowfalls, and chunks of ice falling from the sky like it’s not a big deal?

Sσ in order to pay tribute to the powers of weather that we often neglect, and to reflect on the scope and frequency of such crazy climate conditions, we are about to express through pics how your plans should never dare to challenge the weather forecast. Obviously, for this reason, people don’t even like to live in the places where the most extreme temperatures occur on earth.

In order to truly comprehend these magnificent sights, you must witness them for yourself. Sσ we took care of this matter and complied a list of the 50 most surprising things in nature.

Thus, check them out from the comfort and safety of your home. Also, don’t hesitate to tell us your own experiences!

#1 Normal day in Utah

#2 A storm came through. The plastic furniture barely moved but the grill blew 30 ft into the pool

#3 It’s cold outside

#4 When you live in Svalbard, Norway, and forget to close the window to the home office

#5 Tried going to visit my boyfriend on my day off, had to turn around because the fires apparently opened a portal to hell

#6 Hurricane mitch rendered the Choluteca bridge (Honduras) useless after it changed the course of the river it was built for

#7 This is my dad’s ‘72 Buick skylark floating away during hurricane sally. By the time they rescued their other cars, this one had water in the tailpipe and wouldn’t drive. Rip

#8 It was a hot day in Tallahassee

#9 Lamborghini Huracan flooded due to rain in São Paulo. It was not insured

#10 110+ mph Derecho winds impale house with lawn chair, Iowa 8/10

#11 Guess he/she is not going anywhere till summer

#12 “20% chance” of rain overnight

#13 Ping pong table left outside in the rain

#14 Main water valve was not shut off for the winter in a cabin

#15 “I think I left a window open last night, not sure”

#16 At least he got what he asked

#17 Just bought our dream home less than 2 months ago. Tonight I watched it burn to the ground in a massive wildfire

#18 I wore shorts to work last night because it was 75 degrees out, this is what it looked like outside this morning after my shift

#19 Alberta winds

#20 Getting away from an erupting volcano today

#21 -25 outside. Heavy grocery bag. No gloves. Long reunion/chat with old friend in parking lot. Gravity

#22 My brother’s cabin in northern CA. Took him 5 miles on a snow mobile to find this after leaving town for a week

#23 Spent 5 hours getting chemotherapy this morning, came home feeling like crap. Laid down to nap… alarms and sirens start blasting. Rush 5 cats to the basement and prep shelter.

#24 Maybe a bit too much rain

#25 It has been some bad weather in Norway lately

25. Summers in England

#26 My boss told me to at least try shoveling out and come in today. Saskatoon SK, Canada (red car is mine)

#27 What it’s like escaping the fires in Oregon. They lived a mile away from blue river, Oregon

#28 Lakefront property during an ice storm

#29 “It might rain today, I think I’ll take my umbrella out.”… That went well!

#30 I didn’t think to clear the snow from the roof of my shed this winter

#31 For sale!! 2001 Honda Civic, great condition (I hope)

#32 Hail damage to sun roof

#33 Forgetting to roll up the window all the way

#34 When it snows before the leaves fall off