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50 Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think

We often hear about the biggest animals that would easily tower over humans twice, thrice, and some even ten times. But how big, exactly, are they?

Let’s take the blue whale, which is known as one of the largest animals ever to exist. Imagine: the largest ever measured 110 feet long. If that doesn’t ring a bell just yet, think of it as longer than 2 packed school buses that seat 40 people each. It’s also longer than 18 grown men of 6 feet laid head to toe with each other.

If your head is spinning, right down below is a collection of animal photos that put their size into perspective and do the “just imagine” part for us. From very large Maine coons to gigantic Siberian tigers, these are the big boys and girls of the animal kingdom.

#1 I Never Knew What Absolute U N I T S Clydesdales Are Until I Saw This Picture

#2 Tagging And Blood Tests For Bison. Just To Give You An Idea Of How Big They Are, This Male Weighs Around 3000lbs

#3 An Adult Ocean Sunfish Compared To Them At Birth


We usually imagine felines as cute little furballs who, no matter how fast they grow up, still fit into our lap just fine. But there’s one cat breed known as the Maine coon that can easily reach up to 40 inches. In comparison, the average size of an adult domestic cat comes in at as little as 8 to 10 inches.

In order to find out more about the scale of these massive felines, Bored Panda reached out to Jess Beckwith, a professional Maine coon breeder based in the United Kingdom from RudyCats.co.uk. Jess told us that Maine coons are referred to “as the dogs of the cat world, not only because of their incredible personalities, but also because of their size.”

They’re the biggest domestic cats and can range from 11 to 33 pounds when fully grown. Two of Jess’s “young neutered boys currently hit the scales at around 21 pounds.” Meanwhile, the largest Maine coon is named Barivel and he measures a whopping 3 feet and 11.2 inches from head to tail tip. That makes him longer than a baseball bat.

However impressive the scale of Maine coons may be, it’s not the most important feature when it comes to exhibitions. Jess said that “good bone structure, features, and the ‘not too extreme’ look is best, as well as temperament and health, of course,” are more important for winning a title in the big game.

#4 Meet Patrick, The World’s Oldest And Largest Wombat

#5 Giant African Land Snail

This big boy who resembles an oversized guinea pig is, in fact, a nocturnal marsupial known as a wombat (Vombatus ursinus). Patrick has stolen people’s hearts by being both incredibly cute and gigantic. Weighing 84 pounds, he is one of the largest (and oldest) wombats ever to have lived.

Only quite recently, a new, wombat-like species was discovered in Australia called Makupirna nambensis, which literally translates to “big bones” in the aboriginal language. The creature’s remains are now one of the oldest fossils found in the area, thought to date back to 25 million years ago.This boy could have weighed 330 pounds, which is more than five adult wombats living today.

Yet, Makupirna is still not the biggest. The absolute record-breaking wombat-like creature was called Diprotodon and it weighed over two tons. This powerful beast could have lived until 11,700 years ago.

#6 My Dad And My Dog (Dad Is 6’2″)

#7 I Have Severely Underestimated The Size Of A Moose

#8 Complete Unit

#9 Maine Coon vs. Siamese Size Comparison

#10 Minazo The Southern Elephant Seal Was Known For His Blue Bucket, He Lived In Japan’s Enoshima Aquarium Until His Death In 2005

#11 Lion’s Head Compared To Man’s Head. Absolute Unit

#12 A Full Size Snapping Turtle Compared To What Most People Think Is A Full Size Snapping Turtle

#13 Salt Water Crocodile

#14 Ever Wonder How Big An Eagle Talon Is?

#15 A Whale Skull With A Human For Scale

#16 Believe It Or Not, This Is One Of The Least Dangerous Spiders We Have In Australia

#17 This Is How Huge A Moose Is

#18 Bear Paw Is Pretty Metal

#19 This Is A Hammerhead Bat And Is By Far The Creepiest Animal I’ve Seen

#20 A Siberian Tiger With A Man For Scale

#21 Leatherback Turtles Can Get Pretty Huge Apparently

#22 The Size Of A Tiger Paw Compared To A Man’s Hand

#23 The Critically Endangered Giant Chinese Salamander (Largest Salamander And Amphibian In The World). It Apparently Sometimes

#24 Alaskan Malamute Phil vs. Alaskan Klee Kai. Check Out The Size Difference Of The Two Breeds

#25 A Whale Fin Next To The Entire Skeleton Of A Human

#26 A Big, Fat Caterpillar

#27 The Size Of This Croc Jumping Out Of The Water

#28 Siberian Tigers Are Big

#29 Polar Bear Paw Compared To Human Hands

#30 My Girlfriend’s Hand Next To A Great Dane’s Paw

#31 Bella vs. Mini

#32 The Skull Of A Blue Whale

#33 The Claw Of A Male Southern Cassowary Compared To A Human Hand

#34 Goliath Tiger Fish, Congo River

#35 The Absolutely Startling Size Of Vespa Mandarinia Aka Asian Giant Hornet

#36 Gorilla Hands Compared To A Human Hand

#37 A Flood Brought In This New Species Of Ant To My Neighborhood. Size Comparison Between Regular Ant

#38 Fruit Bats Are Way Bigger Than I Thought.

#39 I Found A Grasshopper In Costa Rica And Used My 16cm Hand For Scale

#40 This Is A Human Skeleton Compared To A Gorilla Skeleton

#41 Fully Inflated Horse Lungs

#42 Unit Of A Hippo At NY Aquarium vs. Size Of This Kid

#43 Bald Eagles Are Freakin Huge Compared To A Human

#44 Emu Eggs, With Chicken Egg For Scale

#45 Human Hand vs. Leg Of Myra, One Of The Resident Emus At Freedom Farm Animal Rescue

#46 Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

#47 Claw Sizes Of 25 Different Predators

#48 I See Your Hand Sized Moth And Raise You A Giant Beetle Larvae

#49 This Ridiculous, Nearly Five Pound Lobster Claw Compared To A Human Hand