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A Man Takes His Sick Dog For ‘One Final Adventure Together’ in a Wheelbarrow

If you have one or more pets at home, you know pretty well that they must be considered genuine members of your family. By living with them, we have the opportunity to experience the purest love ever. Sσ when our pets pass away it is as if we lose a person who was dear to us. And in this case, it can be said that dogs just have a way of breaking our hearts.

For the past decade Monty, the ten-year-old labradoodle, has been at Carlos Fresco’s side, offering unstinting loyalty and companionship. He especially enjoyed exploring hills and their walks through the British countryside with his owner. However, after realizing that his beloved pet was dying from leukemia, Carlos realized their remaining time together would be short. Sσ, he decided to make the best out of the situation. Since Monty loved to hike, but his body would no longer allow him, Fresco got creative. Thus, he loaded up his beloved pooch into a wheelbarrow filled with blankets and pillows. A ride fit for a king.

Their hike took place to one of the unspoiled places they loved most: the Fan and Pen mountains, in Wales. It was one of their favorite pastimes together. But unfortunately, a few days after that exciting final excursion, Monty fell asleep forever at the foot of Carlos’s bed. He left his favorite human with a sea of beautiful memories and love from the ten years they had lived together. Carlos said, however, that his pet “looked sσ peaceful though and I’m glad we got to go on one last adventure together.” “He was truly a special boy.”

Reminder: Pets may be just a part of your life, but you are your pet’s whole life. Treat them with love!

1. Carlos Fresco took his cherished Labradoodle Monty for one last walkies in Wales, after an 18-month battle with leukemia.

2. “Monty loved hill walks and we improvised and took him on trips around these wonderful beacons”

3. He chose the “beautiful” Beacons as he had many happy memories of walking there with Monty.

4. Fresco and Monty stayed with friends in Brecon for a week, where they carried out the emotional journey

5. The fluffy dog sits in his wheelbarrow bed, wrapped in a warm blanket, as Fresco reaches the top of the hike.

6. Carlos travelled 180 miles from London to push Monty up the Brecon Beacons

7. They even travelled up to the peak of Pen y Fan

8. Monty was able to enjoy one final adventure with Carlos

9. “Monty touched sσ many lives. He made everyone smile and just take a moment to realize that sometimes life’s not that bad”

10. “Unfortunately, Monty’s health declined over the week and he died on the 21st of June. The little fella ʜuɴg on for Father’s Day and is now at peace”.