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A Pregnant Sperm Whale Was Found Dead With Nearly 50 Pounds Of Plastic In Her Stomach

Do you know that our oceans and what lives in them are suffering due to plastic that is used by us all every day? On average, there are nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic are under the beautiful surface of the sea every year and the maximum amount could be closer to 12.7 million metric tons.

And nothing illustrates this more clearly than the image of a dead pregnant sperm whale washed up on the shores of Porto Cervo, a resort town on Italy’s island of Sardinia two weeks ago. Scientists and veterinarians found nearly 50 pounds of plastic waste jammed into her belly including plastic plates, shopping bags, tangled fishing lines, and a detergent package. It must have been extremely painful!

This whale’s cause of death has not yet been determined and veterinarians in Padua, Italy are still investigating what exactly killed her and the baby, but it is likely related to plastic also. Scientists said that the amount of plastic was preventing the whale getting any nourishment from food and it died from dehydration and starvation.

“She is one of at least 5 whales that have died from plastics over the last two years.” according to The World Wildlife Fund, as reported by Business Insider. “She was pregnant and had almost certainly aborted before she beached,” Luca Bittau, the president of the SeaMe group, told CNN.

Cities and countries around the world are slowly taking measures to ban single-use plastics. The European Parliament has approved a law banning single-use straws, cotton balls, and cutlery by 2021. But those policies come too late for this sperm whale and her unborn baby.

Let’s give your hand to protect our environment, I believe that our small effort in daily life will help lessen environmental pollution and protect the poor animals. Please share with your friends and family members to highlight this problem!