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Baby Sea Lion Gets Tired Of Swimming, Cuddles With Boaters Instead

The best part about boating and exploring the open seas is the potential for spotting animals swimming around … and sometimes, having them decide to climb aboard.

In an older video making the rounds again, a couple was out on their boat two miles off of Newport Beach, California, when they spotted the best thing ever – a baby sea lion, swimming alongside them.

Clearly, the couple was overjoyed to be seeing such a cute animal in his natural habitat … and then something even better happened.

The baby sea lion decided he was tired … and hopped aboard the boat.

“What’s this? Something that swims FOR me?! I like it!”

He immediately began to walk around and explore, and his new human friends were more than happy to let him.

“I now declare myself king of this weird floating thing!”

The curious sea lion was enjoying his time on the boat, and contemplated returning to the ocean …

… until he discovered cuddling. Then, all bets were off.

“Oh my goodness, you’re sσ SOFT!”

The little sea lion rolled all over his new friend, cuddling and playing with him. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

The interaction between the adorable sea lion and the surprised boaters was absolutely precious, and I’m sure that neither of their lives will ever be same because of it.