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Beautiful Rare “Spirit” Moose Spotted Crossing The Road In Canada

The world of animals is diverse. Mother nature created exceptionally rare animals.

Many bear characteristics that we can’t believe that these still exist today. There is sσ much luck to spot and take pictures of them in real life.

Jackie Burns Loyer was really fortunate. While travelling through the rural parts of Northern Ontario, she noticed two white moose crossing the road.

The two rare white animals are an adult female and a calf. They were sσ shy that they stopped at the side of the highway for a few moments. Then, the two went into the bush.

Jackie, on the other hand, has had enough. The woman didn’t think twice about pulling out her camera and capturing such a priceless moment.

“They’re sσ beautiful,” the woman told Global News. “They call them the spirit moose. They’re supposed to give you good luck.”

The stunning white moose is also called the ‘ghost’ or ‘spirit’ moose. Their white fur and skin are caused by a recessive gene. This difference makes these animals more stand out among their herd.

These moose are albino but they aren’t. And, they are exceptionally rare, too.

“They are extremely unique and treasured. These highly protected animals are considered very spiritual,” according to the Northern Ontario Travel.