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Becoming a Mother in an Unfortunate Event – Man Built a Raft to Save a Swan’s Nest of Eggs

Swans hatching from their eggs is the celebrated end to the oblong and struggles that the female swan has endured for over a month. Knowing this the swan unconditionally protects the fragile eggs before they come out into the adventurous life.

The mother instinct is rooted deep in all the beings that live on earth, making them vulnerable but ready at the same time when it comes to their children especially if they are in danger. Covering them with love and affection like sunrays cover the ground in the morning gloom.

A man in Cambridgeshire saved a Swan and her eggs after the water raised in St. Ives and was risking her nest. Sσ he generously built a raft at Jones Boatyard, at the place where he works and lives to save the nest as water levels rose.

He has been watching the same Swan for more than 10 years, and over these years he witnessed the floods and breakages that happened to destroy the Swans eggs all the time not enabling her to become a mother. But after he managed to build the raft all-heartedly, eight of the baby cygnets had since hatched.

I’m “over the moon” said the man after rescuing the swan’s babies and seeing her becoming a mother for the first time. “I have been pacing around the marina like an expectant dad for the last week”

“When I saw them start to hatch I was sσ happy, I was bouncing around like a kid at Christmas”. “It’s like winning the lottery.”

She might have been the “unluckiest” swan but the man was determined this time to make sure she and her babies get safe and sound.

He stated that maybe we are not supposed to interfere with the wildlife but he just couldn’t see Swan’s eggs being destroyed once again. And that he couldn’t go to bed knowing he didn’t do anything, because deep inside he knew he would regret it. “Both the parents were watching but they didn’t attack me”. He felt they knew it was their best chance”.

He named the mother Swan “Sidi” and eventually got emotionally close to her even more after the unfortunate event that led to the miracle of life. He also expressed his gratitude for the life he lives and said he wouldn’t change it, nor exchange his boat for even a £10m house.