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Guy Spots The Most Adorable Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window

One day, Ludwig C. Timm was looking outside his bathroom window while a construction project was underway at his home when he noticed something unusual.

“At first, we only noticed a few small twigs that were lying on the windowsill. We thought the wind had blown it there,” Timm told The Dodo. “Then we saw the squirrels building.”

The family of squirrels selected a spot to build a nest and start their family

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the squirrels close up presented Timm who was a photographer, sσ he decided to document it all for us to enjoy.

From building their nest, to growing up, Timm took the best photos and uploaded them onto his Facebook page.

He kept a close eye on the squirrel family with daily snapshots of their lives as they grew up.

Among all the adorable photos, one really stands out. The squirrels all cozied up together enjoying a nap.

“It was very lucky for me to be able to take the picture of the sleeping squirrels,” Timm said. “Normally they’re inside the nest, but it was hot that day, sσ they slept where I could see them.”

Now, even though this scene sounds basic enough, seeing it up close and personal like this was certainly something to get excited about.

“It’s a very nice coincidence [that they chose that spot],” Timm said. “We got to see the squirrels grow up.”

What a beautiful encounter! Thank you Ludwig for sharing!