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Here Are The 30 Best Answers To Questions That People Asked A Man Who Survived Being Trapped In A Humpback Whale’s Mouth

Whether you are a water sports enthusiast or not, there is a chance that you have contemplated what it’s actually like to be swallowed by a giant whale. Well, to some people’s horror, this happened to a diver last week. And, well, he survived to tell the story.

The fascinating moment, for anyone wondering what this horrifying experience is all about, presented itself—the man, Michael Packard from Massachusetts, answered the most gut-wrenching and the most hilarious questions by the public online. Below you can check out the best ones and have a good laugh or limit your water sports to splashing bubbles in the convenience of a bathtub forever.


Michael’s son Jacob, who is a Reddit platform user and goes under the name of bloxiefox, decided to take the initiative and host his father in a Q&A session called AMA, which stands for Ask Me Anything. Last week, his father went through the horrifying experience of nearly being eaten alive. The 56-year-old man, who dives for lobsters in the Cape Cod area, thought he was going to die as a humpback whale tried to swallow him, perhaps accidentally mistaking him for food. Cape Cod is frequented by huge humpback whales as well as sharks.


Michael was 45 ft down when he felt a huge bump and everything went dark. He was sensing that he was moving and his first thought was that he’d been bitten by a shark. After feeling around, he noticed that there weren’t any teeth nor he was feeling any great pain. And that’s when the moment of realization hit him: “Oh my God, I’m in a whale’s mouth and he’s trying to swallow me.” The diver thought that he was going to die and his last thought was actually about his kids and wife.


As everything was happening quite quickly, he was thinking about how to get out of the mouth that had grabbed him, as an animal of such size could have done anything it wanted with the human. Suddenly the whale went up to the surface and started shaking his head, which then forced the diver to fall out into the water. As he was floating on the surface, he actually couldn’t believe what just had happened and he thought that his legs were broken, but luckily, they were only bruised. Michael thought he spent around 30 seconds inside, but having a regulator in place allowed him to breathe properly. To his surprise, the whale surfaced and let the diver go.



Michael’s lobster run partner, who, as usual, followed the bubbles once the diver was in the water, saw the whale coming up and spitting the man out. Michael also shared a message on Provincetown Community Space, thanking people who helped to rescue him. “I just want to clarify what happened to me today. I was lobster diving and a humpback whale tried to eat me. I was in his closed mouth for about 30 to 40 seconds before he rose to the surface and spit me out. I am very bruised up but have no broken bones. I want to thank the Provincetown rescue squad for their caring and help,” shared the whale incident survivor.